Hello. I’m Mark Dowling (or MArk DOWLing, if you prefer, having wondered why this website appears to be about deranged winged creatures of the night), and this is the fifth version of my website (although that does include a frankly abominable attempt at creating one in dialup back in 2001 on a Freeserve free hosting page. It was dreadful. And shockingly pink).

Aside from my daily duties of working for a local newspaper, I like to tinker around with this website and may occasionally even write or draw something for it. This version has strange features such as ‘comments’ features, which I’m sure will open me to a whole world of spam once this place attracts more than two people.

As is my own little tradition now, I like to ensure visitors to this website are kept entertained for at least a couple of minutes by presenting a YouTube video to them. And this website is no exception. So, without further ado: