Today’s entry comes from a mildly bleary-eyed and quite sore-bottomed Mad Owl, having feasted on 12 hours of televised motorsport throughout the day.

Let me take you through my day as I watched all the two- and four-wheeled action unfold on my 42″ screen from 6am to 6pm (GMT) today (Sunday) (October 16) (2011) (AD).

6am: My alarm goes off and I bound down the stairs to tune into the beginning of the F1 coverage on the BBC, while also watching the MotoGP highlights on British Eurosport. The 125cc result is duly noted- an impressive win for Sandro Cortese, while championship challenger Johann Zarco finished P3 and title leader Nicolas Terol finished P6. Still advantage Terol, but it keeps the championship fight alive. But, dammit, I’ve missed BBC F1’s ‘The Chain’…

6.30am: Got myself cosy on the settee while my dressing gown makes its first appearance of the autumn/winter campaign. Meanwhile, in between getting more thoughts of F1 and a potentially rainy start to the Korean GP, the unquestionably talented but impetuous Marc Marquez is slicing his way through the Moto2 field to minimise the championship defecit between himself and the only other contender Stefan Bradl. My sympathies lie with the German rather than the heavily backed Spaniard (who, it has to be said, is riding the best-handling bike in the field), mainly because he hadn’t torpedoed another rider in free practice. Marquez finished P3 after starting P38 (!) while Bradl gets P2, nearly crashing on the final lap. Bah, but still, it’s the F1 now…

7am: It’s ever-so-slightly drizzling, but not enough to make any difference. Lewis Hamilton starts well but Sebastian Vettel, as he tends to do, makes a storming first lap to pass him and build a crucial early gap. Vettel isn’t headed all race (again) on his way to the 10th win of the season. Drat and double drat, I curse, because I had been irrationally filled with glee when he failed to get pole position the previous day.

7.30am: As Michael Schumacher’s car gets destroyed by the Vitaly Petrov missile, necessitating a safety car, I flick to MotoGP (delayed transmission on British Eurosport, as were the two support races in this case). I’m confused- where are the Yamaha riders? No matter, Casey Stoner is leading and ready to wrap up the title. This makes me happy- Stoner is an outstanding rider and it’s only becoming clear how much he rode the wheels off the actually-quite-rubbish-after-all Ducati the past few years. The white flags go out to signal the rest of the field surrendering the race to the Australian. Or, more accurately, it measn it’s raining a bit. It’s spitting!

8am: Crikey, these McLarens have gone all slow. And why has Fernando Alonso only come alive now after spending nearly 40 laps stuck behind Felipe Massa? Far too much thinking required for my tired tired brain. I take a sip of pop to give me a caffeine boost.

8.10am: Flick back to MotoGP, only to see it’s been raining more heavily and half the field has fallen off the track. Casey Stoner is impervious to such problems though and TAKES THE 2011 TITLE. Fully deserved, although it is disappointing to later learn his chief rival Jorge Lorenzo couldn’t take part after losing part of his finger in a nasty crash during the warm-up session. Ooch.

8.30am: Vettel wins. Part of me wonders if someone could take Vettel’s pointy-victory finger off and give it to Jorge as a present. The world would be a better place. Vettel shows me one finger, I show him two (getting up at 6am on a Sunday has clearly made me grumpy. I shall have some toast).

9am: A small lull in proceedings. I shall watch the F1 forum and New Zealand give Australia a pasting in the Rugby World Cup.

10.15am: World Superstock on the billing now. A mildly entertaining race, have no real feelings about any of the riders one way or another, but I give Sheridan Morais a 7 out of 10 for keeping both legs off the pegs while braking into the turns. That’s some fancy acrobatics.

11am: World Superbikes builds up to the first race on British Eurosport, while the BTCC finale is gearing up on ITV4. I take this opportunity to remove my dressing gown and get properly dressed.

11.45am: BBC Two has the MotoGP repeat and, as I play Charlie Cox’s catchphrase bingo (gaining several points for ‘That’s shot the fox’ and my old favourite ‘He needs that like he needs a third armpit’), I’m watching the first BTCC round of the day at Silverstone and the first World Superbikes race from Portimao. Nnngh…motorsport…overload!

12.15pm: BTCC, and Jason Potato has a puncture. That’ll teach the moany moaner to whinge whenever he’s within 50 metres of a microphone. The guy is a bloody championship contender, five points off the title lead with three rounds to go, and he complained about the disaprity between turbo cars (which his championship rivals had) and non-turbos (his car). Conveniently, Plato ignores the fact he had a turbo car himself for a couple of seasons, having a straight-line speed advantage. Funny how age makes you forget things like that…anyway, a puncture for him and a win for his bitter rival Matt Neal make me smirk aplenty.

12.45pm: Carlos Checa takes win number 15 (fifteen) of his season in World Superbikes, denying popular French/honorary Brit Sylvain Guintoli a maiden victory. Ah well. Eugeny Laverty takes an 8 out of 10 for bike acrobatics after some kind of problem sees him nearly take out three riders as his out-of-control machine goes mad and fires him off track. Some kind of steering damper problem. Yeah. That’ll be it. Don’t know what one of those is, or what it looks like, but I’ll go with whatever the commentators say.

1.15pm: I watch the Porsche Carrera Cup on the BTCC package. It’s a bit dull.

1.30pm: World Supersport is on. Chaz Davies takes his final win the season, number six out of 12 races. Gino Rea, the win-or-bust teeny rider who is properly turning into a right character, wraps up an up-and-down season by winning the bike acrobatic championships, scoring 10 out of 10 for nearly crashing four times in 30 metres and only managing to save himself by colliding with Broc Parkes. Insane gymnastics.

2.15pm: Formula Renault is on at Silverstone. It’s very dull.

2.45pm: BTCC race two is on, and Gordon Shedden takes victory to keep alive his championship hopes, while Matt Neal follows him home. Jason Potato is out of the title hunt (yee!).

3.10pm: It’s the Ginetta Juniors, hooray! Why is this my favourite series on the BTCC package?

Because it’s bonkers:

In today’s race, thankfully held in a more clean racing environment, Niall Murray pips Seb Morris, a teenager who goes to the same school I used to be at. Thankfully, Seb has already wrapped up the title, so can’t be too disheartened at losing this 11-lap thriller by 0.096s.

3.30pm: World Superbikes has its final race of the season and Marco Melandri steals a win late on from team-mate Eugene Laverty. A 1-2 for the Yamaha team, a perfect foundation for 2012 if it wasn’t for the fact the Yamaha bosses had pulled the plug on the whole factory squad. The imbeciles.

4.30pm: Flagging now. I have a bag of crisps.

5.15pm: Just enough time for one more race, the BTCC finale. In what is actually a very straightforward climax, Matt Neal TAKES HIS THIRD BTCC TITLE by scoring enough points with P8. As for as British championship deciders go, nowhere near as thrilling as last week’s British Superbike showdown…

6pm: Annnd that’s it! I’m knackered from all of that motorsport. You certainly won’t catch me seeing any more action today. No way, José. Absolut- what’s that? The Indycar championship decider from Las Vegas with a 34-car grid and a British title contender? Oh, go on then…