Just wow.

Oh, and awesome. Watch the final two laps from this year’s British Superbike Championship-deciding round at Brands Hatch by clicking on the picture…

Watch it. Watch it now!

Humungous kudos to the two title contenders for delivering one of the finest motorsport showdowns ever seen on TV (also huge credit to British Eurosport for showing the race, too, with excellent commentary from the clearly-excited Jack Burnicle and James ‘This is it!!!’ Whitham).

Ignore the slightly uncomfortable fact that the needlessly wacky points system and knockout-style championship means the winner of the race (who you barely see in this video at all- HM Plant Honda’s Shane ‘Shaky’ Byrne) actually would’ve won the title overall by virtue of scoring the most points. As much as the system is a touch artificial and overly complicated, it is the same for everyone and doesn’t seek to disadvantage anyone purposefully. So Swan Yamaha’s Tommy Hill is a fully-deserving champion.

As for the Suzuki rider, American John Hopkins, don’t feel too saddened by him losing the title by such a slender margin. He is off to MotoGP for the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang and looks very likely to have a ride in that class next season. as consolation prizes go, that’s not a bad one. So fittingly, they’re both winners.