So the rapture didn’t arrive on May 21, 2011, as was feared by a few nutjobs across the world. Never mind, the good news is we’ve been spared apocalyptic doom and 98% of us being plunged hellbound. There’s always a silver lining, isn’t there?

But for those craving a slice of what life would be like should a worldwide catatrosphe of near-unimaginable proportions happen this century, there’s a brilliantly dark webcomic just for you. And, for that matter, for the rest of us.

Romantically Apocalyptic is a pretty apt description for the atmosphere lurking within this comic. It follows the adventures of Captain, Sniper and Pilot, three of the last souls on a planet devastated by a nuclear holocaust. Cheerful stuff!

Post-apocalyptia has never looked so wonderful. No, not even in the Fallout games series. Take a look, why don’t you?