Puzzle games are everywhere online nowadays. A quick search shows there are all sorts of variants based on staple games such as Wordsearch, Tetris, Puzzle Bobble, Connect Four, Mahjong and others.

But there’s one lovely timewasting game which I’d like to feature, and that’s Clockwiser. Originally released for the PC and Amiga way back in 1994, it’s a puzzler loosely based on those old Rubik’s Cubes. Except this game also features anti-gravity blocks, multiplying diamonds and bombs.

The original title screen for Clockwiser

Confused? Don’t be- even though the instructions don’t quite make everything so clear, all looks simple when you start playing the fist 20 or so levels.

There are hundreds of stages overall and anyone who gets past level 110 is quite the Clockwiser master. And a bit sad too, but don’t let that put you off. Try it yourself!